Using spatial computing to combine the real world and the digital world

Allowing producers to visualise their data, stock, tasks and equipment procedures to improve decision making, biosecurity, communication, and animal husbandry.


Increased efficiency

Data will become part of our environment, and the ability to access it in context will enable faster decisions, more informed decisions and therefore increase productivity.

Decision Making

Producers, staff and contractors can access, visualise and interact with data in situ, helping them to make more informed and faster decisions.


Enhanced management of biosecurity risks through geolocated data with the ability to add digital pins to mark out issues.

Animal Husbandry

Improved animal husbandry by real-time communication with livestock tracking databases, allowing the user to visualise their data, stock movements and tasks in situ.

Task Management

Geographically located pins and mapping tools that workers can use to navigate the property and access information about tasks (fix this fence) and equipment (this is how you start the pump).


On-farm communication becomes more efficient through the enhanced sharing of information and data, including task management and staff training & induction.

FarmXR uses the power of spatial computing to bring the real world (fences, landmarks, stock, water troughs etc) and the digital world (data from sensors, NDVI, cattle tags and georeferenced information) together.
Founder & Director, FarmXR

Visualise your live data in situ

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